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Chi tiết việc làm

Thông tin chung

Mức lương
10-12 triệu
Số lượng tuyển
1 người
Hình thức làm việc
Toàn thời gian
Cấp bậc
Nhân viên
Giới tính
Không yêu cầu
Kinh nghiệm
3 năm

Địa điểm làm việc

- Khu vực: Hồ Chí Minh
- 29 Lê Duẩn, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1

Mô tả công việc

- Responsible for managing financial books and procedures, comparing bank statements, accounting for taxes, income, expenses, depreciation, etc.

- Ensure the accuracy, timeliness and legality in documents, accounting books, payment papers, financial statements, statements, balance sheets, insurance, debts with the bank.

- General management of the company's debt. Identify and propose to make provision or deal with bad debts of the whole company.

- Provide accurate quantitative information on the financial position, liquidity, cash flow of the business, while ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing tax for the whole company.

- Synthesize, record, collect, process, check and store invoices, vouchers and accounting books for all economic activities of the whole company.

- Make quarterly/ 6-monthly/ yearly financial statements and detailed explanatory reports if required.

- Compare data with tax accountants. Make VAT, PIT, CIT declarations according to regulations and other taxes if any.

- Participating in the preparation of international standard financial statements (IFRS).

- Coordinating the inspection and final settlement with tax authorities if any.

- Handling and accounting of accounting operations.

- Other tasks as assigned by the management level, the Board of Directors

Yêu cầu ứng viên

- Graduated with a major in accounting.

- Prefer 3 years of experience in general accounting in the e-commerce industry

- Prefer good English

- Organize, arrange and develop a plan to perform assigned tasks.

- Compiling and analyzing reports. Perform duties accurately and in accordance with regulations.

- Basic knowledge of financial business processes of the whole company.

- Proficient in using computers (preferably Quickbook, Excel, accounting software).

- Professional independent working skills, careful hard working, flexible.

- Interact with colleagues, good teamwork skills.

- Solve problems and handle situations well.

- Positive thinking in all situations.

- Ready to work right away

Quyền lợi được hưởng

1. Salary

 - Negotiation

 - Quarterly/yearly Bonus according to company regulations

- Probation: 2 months 85% of official salary

2. Benefits

 - Parking fee support

- Phone support (if the work contacts partners regularly)

 - Professional uniforms are provided

 - Good welfare policy: Sickness, filial piety, funeral, birthday party, gratitude party for birth, lucky money on holidays

 - Enjoy annual leave (12 days/year)

- Have domestic and foreign travel mode, participate in team building every year (1-2 times/year)

- Opportunity to work in a professional, dynamic, positive environment with many opportunities for advancement

- Training mode to improve professional skills and have opportunities for career advancement. Opportunities for sustainable career development.

 - Enjoy social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance over 100% of salary and related benefits according to the Labor Law.

Hết hạn nộp đơn

Vị trí Accountant tuyển dụng bởi công ty CÔNG TY TNHH ĐẦU TƯ IMMICA tại Hồ Chí Minh với mức lương 10-12 triệu yêu cầu hình thức làm việc Toàn thời gian. Bạn có thể tham khảo thêm các vị trí tuyển dụng Accountant tại Hồ Chí Minh khác trên kênh tuyển dụng việc làm topcv.

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