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1. Teach students communicative English and inspire them to improve their communication skills in English

2. Take part in meetings with other full-time teachers for the sake of:

- Research and develop curriculum and teaching sources 

- Research and apply teaching methods like PBL or flip classroom 

- Assess and design teaching and learning resources and methodologies 

- Participate in internal trainings 

- Support part-time teachers 

3. You can be a 25-hour-full-time teacher or 35-hour-full-time teacher 


1. Must have (one of these following requirements):

- Senior or fresh graduate from universities which major in English, English teaching, Foreign Language Teacher Education in English or TESOL 

- Master Degree of TESOL or Language Education in English is preference

- CELTA degree for someone who has passion for teaching English 

- IELTS >= 7.5 

2. Nice to have: 

- Teaching experience is preference

- You have to be into teaching and motivating the others 

- You are creative, proactive and energetic and can work under pressure


1. Competitive salary: from 650$ to 1.100$ if you are official full-time teacher
2. Payment method: Monthly in cash
3. Energetic, active and creative working environment 
4. Excellent teaching methodologies 
5. Thorough training from specialists (on-the-job training when it comes to teaching) 
6. Social insurance and bonus as other full-time office workers under Vietnam labor law

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