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During 27 years of development, FPT Information System Corporation (FPT IS) is proud to be the leading system integrator and solution provider in Vietnam and the region. Possessing technological capabilities recognized by global customers and partners, FPT IS has designed and deployed a large number of overall IT projects, IT services and solutions for key sectors of the countries we operate in, including: Public sector, Telecommunications, Banking - Finance, Healthcare, Transportation, Public finance, Utilities and Enterprise.

Solutions “Made by FPT IS” are researched, developed, applied the cutting-edge technology trends and platforms, which gradually affirms their outstanding advantages compared to other products in the market, meets the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers.

FPT IS is home to nearly 2,800 employees, 1,900 of which are highly qualified engineers with a thorough understanding of client professions and in-depth expertise in specific domains. The qualifications of FPT IS experts have been recognized with 2,000 international technology certificates issued by the world’s leading service and solution providers such as Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle…

Our parent company – FPT Corporation – is a big name in ASEAN ICT industry with 30,651 employees worldwide, a system of 48 branches and offices at 26 countries and territories abroad. FPT operates in four core business domains, including: Technology, Telecommunications, Distribution – Retailing and Education. Being a member of such large organization has empowered FPT IS to achieve the sustainable development goals.

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