Công ty TNHH Thương mại và du lịch Amasia Việt Nam

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Nếu bạn đã / đang là nhân viên của Công ty TNHH Thương mại và du lịch Amasia Việt Nam, bạn có thể chia sẻ đánh giá với TopCV. Đừng ngại vì thông tin của bạn cung cấp sẽ được ẩn danh. Ý kiến của bạn sẽ giúp ích cho những người đang tìm việc cũng như sự phát triển của doanh nghiệp.

Giới thiệu Công ty TNHH Thương mại và du lịch Amasia Việt Nam

Amasia Travel is a boutique travel company and tour operator specializes in Private Luxury Tours and Customised Travel to Vietnam and the neighboring countries of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. We deliver unrivalled professional and personalized services for discerning travellers who expect exceptional holidays filled with inspiring and enriching experiences.

Founded in 2004, Amasia Travel specializes in organizing Private Custom Travel and Luxury Small Group Tours to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. We are committed to excellence in travel and creativity in tour planning. By combining our artistic vision with our deep knowledge of destinations and local cultures, we create unique experiences for you to enjoy.

We talk about The art of exploring because we believe travelers are art-lovers. When you explore destinations, meet local people and encounter cultural diversity, you are experiencing new artworks for the first time. The endless diversity of South East Asia forms a gallery beyond compare and we are proud to reveal its wonders.

The art of exploring also means seeking to discover the very best of South East Asia in its many contrasting aspects. From the structured-chaos of cities to the breathtaking tranquility of the countryside, from lush rice paddies to wild mountain ranges, we make it our mission to help you experience the authenticity of Asia’s culture and cuisine.

Amasia Travel started small and as founders and owners we continue to lead tours ourselves, ensuring we keep in touch with the ever-changing nature of the world in which we operate. As we have grown and developed over the years, we have maintained and improved industry-leading operational standards and a genuine traveller and community focus.

Today we are a trusted partner to travel agencies around the globe, welcoming them and their delighted guests to experience our artistry. Our headquarters are in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, with a regional office in Bangkok (Thailand) and representative offices in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

Because of our personal touch, we understand that no two tours are the same and every traveller needs to get the most out of their own experience. In the planning stage prior to traveling we offer insight and advice in accordance to your special interests and needs. During your tour our tireless team works behind the scenes and as travel companions to ensure all arrangements run smoothly. After all of our journeys we work with guest feedback to measure performance and guest experience.

We welcome you to travel with us and experience The art of exploring.