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Global Transport and Logistics

In 1998, Worldwide Logistics (WWL) was founded in a small office outside of New York as a joint venture between a freight forwarding veteran and a local trucking company. Through the years, the company strategically expanded its logistics services, always with its customers’ needs front and center.

Today, WWL provides sophisticated integrated logistics solutions for more than 7,000 companies in more than 100 countries and has evolved to become a global leader in transport and logistics.

Full Service, End-to-End Logistics

WWL offers a complete range of services to support our customers’ needs using our vast network of global offices and trusted partners. Our comprehensive solutions include the following…

Customer Service at the Forefront

We’ve been able to grow exponentially because of our commitment to customer service. We are a network of highly skilled logistics experts…leaders in the industry but, best of all, we love what we do. To us, customer service means transporting our customers’ goods in the most efficient, cost effective, and safe manner. Our formula of excellent customer service, superior knowledge of global logistics and supply chain management, and transparent communication doesn’t work without the inherent dedication of our global staff. That’s what sets us apart. We are committed to our customers. It is as simple as that.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to create solutions for our clients at competitive cost, opportunity for our employees and results for our shareholders. We will always minimize the use of the word “can’t” and measure our success by the number and quality of solutions we deliver.

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