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VSHR pro Academy is established with the mission to help the companies to achieve bigger goals by transforming, empowering their workforce. So we provide workforce transformation solution for our clients.

Our vision is to reach a day where every companies has the right work culture, so every Vietnamese professional will be able to feel happy, safe at work and gets the necessary support to grow their career in their industry and reach their career goals.

We believe that every person has special skills, knowledge, intelligence and limitless capabilities to offer and contribute to the organizations, and the community when they are put in the right environment. Therefore, building a strong company culture and having that culture lived and communicated by visionary leadership team are necessary.

If your company is looking for an innovative way to boost employee's motivation and capabilities and increase their engagement level, we are here to support.

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Còn 22 ngày để ứng tuyển

Còn 22 ngày để ứng tuyển

Còn 22 ngày để ứng tuyển

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222 Dien Bien Phu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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