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194 Ung Van Khiem street , ward 25, Binh Thanh district, HCMC
Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 11/05/2019

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Mô tả công việc

1. Human Capital Management (HCM )Operator Services and Administration Plan
• Factory HCM Targets: contribute to the Factory‟s Operator Human Capital Management & Administration Annual Operating Plan, KPIs, targets and budget.
• HCM Services and Administration Targets: within the context of the Operator Human Capital Management & Administration plan, develop and get approval for the annual Operator Human Capital Management & Administration plan and budget.
• Immediate Employees‟ SMART Goals: communicate the Operator Human Capital Management & Administration‟s Annual Operating Plan and priorities to Immediate Employees (IEs) as context for developing their annual SMART Goals. Approve IEs‟ SMART Goals.
2. Operator Manpower Monitoring
• Headcount Reporting: hold IEs accountable for gathering data required to prepare the necessary reports (e.g. IDD ratio report) to reflect the actual headcount situation in the Factory in collaboration with the HCM-Staff team as needed.
• Operator Headcount Monitoring: monitor the Factory operator headcount against the budget, and report discrepancies to the Operator Human Capital Management & Administration Director. Discuss the manpower discrepancies with the relevant department heads and recommend appropriate actions (e.g. recruitment, natural attrition, right-sizing, etc.) to align the headcount with the business needs.
3. HCM Operator Regulations, Policies and Systems
• HCM-related Operator Regulations: lead in keeping up to date on country employment law, relevant Group guidelines (e.g. Ethical Business Practices (EBPs) and relevant sections of customers‟ codes of conduct in collaboration with the HCM-Staff team. Recommend to the HCM Operators and Administration Director the need for review and update of Factory HCM-related operator policies where necessary.
• HCM Information Data Base: maintain a data base of HCM policies, systems and SOPs for easy reference by managers and operators. Assist the Operator Human Capital Management & Administration Director in communicating policies and updates to managers and operators as needed.
• HCM Systems: maintain data in the HCM-related systems (e.g. HRIS, AMMIS, clock-in/out, etc.) and continuously make recommendations to improve the HCM-related systems to enhance data security, accuracy and effectiveness.
4. HCM Operator Services
• Operator On-boarding and Separation: assist new operators and outgoing operators in completing all necessary documentation for employment and wages and benefits entitlement purposes.
• Visas and Work Permits: manage completion of necessary documents and processes for securing and/or renewing foreign operator visas and work permits. Pass the completed documents to the General Administration team for application processing.
• Operator Personnel Records: hold IEs accountable for maintaining the operator personnel records upon operator movements.
• Attendance Records: monitor operator attendance records, analyze attendance records and provide suggestions to improve operator attendance as appropriate.
• Operator Overtime (OT): monitor operator OT and report cases to Operator Human Capital Management & Administration Director and the Operations team of allowable OTs are exceeded.
5. Wages, Benefits and Payroll Administration
• Group Operator Wages Guidelines: understand Group direction on operator wages guidelines. Clarify as needed.
• Payroll Administration: establish, get approval for and periodically review the necessary policies and procedures to ensure accurate and timely payment to operators. Ensure the policies and procedures are strictly adhered to by related departments. Manage the payroll function to ensure timely and accurate release of payment.
• Social Security and Pension Administration: hold IEs accountable for administering the contributions to social security and pension on a timely and accurate data.
• Income Tax Support: hold IEs accountable for providing operators with necessary documents for income tax filing; provide assistance to operators as needed.
6. Secure and Hygienic Environment
• Factory Security: hold IEs accountable for implementing security systems (e.g. physical security, access control, CCTV systems, etc.) in compliance with Factory and local legal requirements. Personally establish and maintain relationship with local police office to ensure their support and obtain information on issues which may threaten the safety of the Factory‟s employees.
• Factory Hygiene:
• develop and maintain hygiene systems (e.g. cleaner arrangement, hygiene awareness programs, etc.) and standards in compliance with Factory requirements to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the Factory.
• hold relevant IE accountable for managing the Factory clinic (where applicable) to ensure the physical well-being of all Factory employees (including staff and operators)
7. General Administration Support
• Government Documents Applications: ensure all government-related (non-accounting/finance) documents (e.g. work permits, visa for expatriates, travel visas, company registration, letter of consent, etc.) are properly prepared and applied in a timely manner.
• Transportation Support: hold relevant IEs accountable for:
• arranging transportation (e.g. company cars, trains / airline reservation, etc) for visitors and employees to provide them with safe and timely transportation.
• ensuring the company vehicles are well-maintained and licenses are renewed on-time to prevent service interruption.
• Visitor Arrangement: hold relevant IEs accountable for arranging accommodation and food for visitors where necessary.
• Amah Support: hold relevant IE accountable for providing refreshments to guests and employees and maintaining adequate inventory of refreshments.
• Gardening Support: hold relevant IEs maintain the garden environment in compliance with Factory requirements to ensure a high quality garden (applicable to Factorys with gardens).
• Office Supplies: hold relevant IEs accountable for maintaining adequate inventory of office supplies (e.g. paper, stationeries, etc.).
• Office Renovation: lead renovation projects in office areas with assistance from Facilities team and/or outside contractors.
8. Compliance Audits
• Internal Compliance Audits:
• lead the Compliance team to conduct internal compliance audits to ensure compliance to relevant labour laws, Group guidelines and customer codes of conduct.
• request corrective actions from non-compliant functions as needed.
• monitor the corrective actions to ensure compliance is achieved.
• External Compliance Audits:
• be the key contact person for customer and other external compliance audits.
• hold IEs accountable for gathering relevant documents for external audits.
• provide relevant data to the Compliance team in preparation for external compliance audits.
• handle external compliance audits and follows up with relevant department on their corrective actions as needed.
9. Operator Human Capital Management & Administration Business Contribution
• Collaboration: build relationships with managers and operators to help find new and/or better ways for HCM-O&A to support Factory performance.
• Internal Customer Engagement*: monitor managers‟ and operator assessment of HCM-O&A‟s interaction and service/support to them, review with the HCM-O&A team and implement continuous improvements.
*Definition of engagement: having captured the customer’s ‘heart and mind’ so that the customer consistently speaks positively of HCM-O&A, has a clear desire to work and/or be associated with HCM-O&A, and exerts extra effort to contribute in some way to HCM-O&A’s success.
10. Managerial Leadership of Immediate Team
• Business Context: communicate the „Big Picture‟ context in which HCM staff need to plan and execute work (e.g. world, country, industry, Group, Factory, customer and inter-departmental considerations).
• Collaborative Teamwork: establish a process for meeting regularly and hold immediate employees accountable for effective and collaborative teamwork within HCM.
• Immediate Employee Performance Management*: agree on SMART goals and assignments with immediate
• Recognition and Reward: provide differential recognition and recommendations for reward incentives for immediate employees (pay, promotion, development opportunities).
11. Alignment with company Core Values and Culture
• Personal Alignment: understand and personally commit to the Group‟s core values and culture.
• Walk the Talk: lead by example and behave consistently with the Group‟s core values and culture.
• Reinforcement and Support: communicate and visibly use the Group‟s core values as guidelines for daily decision making. Supports Group initiatives to reinforce the core values and culture.
• Coaching: coach IEs to behaves consistently with the Group‟s core values and culture
12. Personal Effectiveness
• Assessment: take accountability for self-assessment on improving own personal effectiveness in the current role.
• Feedback: ask for feedback regarding personal effectiveness from relevant external and internal parties (e.g. customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.).
• Development Plan: pro-actively discuss ways of improving personal effectiveness with direct manager. Seek opportunities for learning and growth. Participate fully in development opportunities provided by the Group and consciously applies the learning from the development programs.

Yêu cầu ứng viên

• At least 5 years' experience in Administration
• Have experience of manage 15 people
• Good command of English
• Organizing events experience is preferred
• Detail oriented and proven execution abilities.
• Company size is more than 5000 people is highly prefered

Quyền lợi được hưởng

• Training

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Trụ sở công ty: 194 Ung Van Khiem street , ward 25, Binh Thanh district, HCMC


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