America Indochina Management Vietnam Ltd.

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Giới thiệu America Indochina Management Vietnam Ltd.

America Indochina Management Ltd. (AIM) was established in 1994 and has 3 offices in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh – Head office, Hanoi, Da Nang), and in Cambodia.

The company’s historical focus has been on sales, marketing and distribution across a variety of business sectors, and now includes manufacturing, sourcing and business services. AIM has a consistent track record of success in a number of different industries based on their understanding of the regional business trends and opportunities, the ability to execute initiatives and a continuously growing network in different business sectors.

The firm has achieved market leadership in a number of product categories including Building Materials (Imported office furniture, Public seating, Mineral fiber ceiling, Vinyl flooring, Water-proofing), and Consumables (Aluminum foil, Cleaning and hygiene chemicals for the Hospitality industry)

AIM Vietnam is looking for people (not resumes) who:

• Love to learn and grow professionally and personally

• Have energy, creativity, initiative and responsibility

• Not only love to do things but build things

• Balance individual initiative with teamwork

• Thoughtful doers - who can convert ideas into action

• Commitment and strong work ethic

What employees love about AIM:

• Learning and Growing:

- Company is referred to AIM University

- Recognized by the business community and headhunters as developing the best talent

• Working environment that is:

- Open and Friendly

- Dynamic and Professional

- Diverse with the opportunity to work with colleagues from around the world