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Giới thiệu AppliancZ company

AppliancZ - Integrated Building Solutions (IBS) started in 2007 as an Air and Water Equipment supply company. The company has since become the local leader in providing Integrated HVAC Systems, Building Efficiency (and other requirements) for facility controls and employs state of the art equipment from reputable Global names such as Johnson Controls, York, EBARA, Scentair, Optipura and Hager. AppliancZ Vietnam JSC started its presence in Vietnam in late 2011 in order to provide a greater service focus to its clients. Since the presents of AppliancZ in 2011 we have been proud members of Tung Shing Group.

AppliancZ delivers complete building solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Hotel projects. Its leading technology promotes energy efficiency, and enhances the environment with Scentair and Optipura deployed in both retail and hospitality industries. AppliancZ provides innovate solutions for Building Management Systems, including fully integrated systems for Security/Access Control ,CCTV, Fire Safety, Public Address , and Fluids Management.

With a dedicated Customer Service Centre, Customers value the company's ability to deliver outstanding customer support, reliability and an integrated approach to Building Management Systems. The AppliancZ Mission is to offer cutting edge technology and solutions in support of Integrated HVAC Systems, building efficiency and other services related to facility environmental control. AppliancZ is Vietnam's single-point source for total Building Solutions pertaining to Energy Management, Security and Safety Solutions – providing reliability, value and performance every time.