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Giới thiệu Codelynx

CodeLynx is a start-up company which has 100% capital from Israel. Our co-founder has had more than 17 years experience in software industry who has many innovative ideas. Our team's goal is to bring it to real life and everyone can have chance to use modest technologies. We are building up a talented team that together grows up and completes that mission. It's not an impossible one.

Our say is Born to code, no plan B.

You will have the chance to... code (of course) and together we win our goal. As well as have great time and experience in our own way. We are creating and making our own way to go ahead and reach the goal.

If you are looking for start-up environment where you can challenge your skills and abilities, where you take 100% responsibility, raise your own ideas to make everything to a higher level, and you ars the one we can count on.

Join us and you will find the difference.

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