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PMAX is a Total Performance Marketing pioneer in Vietnam with in-depth digital marketing expertise and total marketing solutions to deeply impact brand performance and drive businesses growth effectively. Founded in 2016 by prominent strategists and continuously led by over 20 professionals specialized in the Total Performance Marketing field, PMAX empowers businesses to maximize their business results by optimizing their marketing performance. With over 9 services (research, strategy, platform, media, creative, campaign management, merchandising, commercial, tech & data, etc.), 4 primary solution packages (Branding, E-commerce, App, Lead Generation) and established track records, PMAX has successfully worked with over 400 clients on over 600 successful projects.

PMAX has earned 5 MMA SMARTIES awards and 4 Agency of the Year honors during the business growth. PMAX has also become a Premium partner of Facebook, Google, TikTok, Shopee, Zalo, and others.

For you – talents with strong brain power who are seeking “the bigger shirt” for your effective growth, we are confident to offer a young, dynamic and aggressive environment with unlimited opportunities to maximize your potential and optimize your capacity in order to make a leap to marketing experts & business leaders.


1. We provide opportunity of fast-track career path and driving to create impact
Clear competency framework to optimize and improve your potentials with multiple approaches
Be empowered to create the best practices and shape the way forwards

2. We offer non-stop learning & growth with in-depth expertise knowledge
Trusted total performance marketing agency, top-of-mind performance marketing agency in Vietnam
Mentoring & coaching with high-qualified professionals and gain comprehensive functional expertise
Always-on self-learning spirit mode

3. We surround you with top talents sharing the same set of vision and value
Step out of comfort zone with highly motivating team and aggressive growth mindset
Uphold to high-quality standards as our working ways

4. We keep ourselves supportive, transparent, data-driven, and caring environment with a constantly upgrading benefits package
Collaborate effectively with other by incentivizing motivation
Enhance productivity by keep updated and utilize technology & smart system at work
Proud to be minded of every concerns related to employee’s well-being to bring the better benefits package and uplift happiness at work

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6th Floor, Tuong Viet Building, 95 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC
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