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Giới thiệu Công ty TNHH Asia Motions

- Our mission : Our mission is to develop outdoor activities in Vietnam, in order to promote a healthy ifestyle while connecting people and promoting

environmental awareness. We aim at being a major leader in outdoor entertainment accessible to the greatest number.

- Our activities and services : AsiaMotions specializes in 3 core activities : Youth activities programs, Team building programs and Outdoor leisure activities in Vietnam.

* Details of our activities :


+ School and Field Trips (strong involvement in community projects, matching school curriculum, outdoor activity and sport based)

+ Holiday Camps (exciting games and sport activities, boy scouts spirit…)


+ Team Buildings with a profiling approach of needs

+ Corporate events / gala dinner and conferences

+ Sport Team Building (rafting, races, MTB...)

+ Advanced Team Building (company strategy games, treasures hunts…)


+ Individual and Family day-outs such as:

• Sport based trips (cycling, white water rafting, rock climbing, …)

• Cultural day-out (cooking classes, art tours, creative workshops,

city Vespa tours, wine tastings)

• Nature discovery (fauna and flora observation trips

• Sport based trips (cycling, white water rafting, rock climbing, …)