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Bauer Group

The Bauer Group is an international construction and machinery manufacturing group with more than 110 subsidiaries in some 70 countries providing services, machinery and products for ground and groundwater. The operations are divided into three segments: Construction, Equipment and Resources.

Bauer Vietnam

Bauer Vietnam is part of the Construction segment and carries out specialist geotechnics and foundation engineering work for complex excavation pits and foundations on major infrastructure and class 1 building projects. It includes bored and displacement piling, diaphragm walls, grouting, mini piling, anchors, ground improvements and environmental engineering.

Created in 2006, Bauer Vietnam activities are mostly located in the South with some fast-track projects in the North and Central. Bauer has developed a reputation built on extensive knowledge of the nation's geotechnical landscape, engineering excellence and a commitment to quality, safety and continual innovation and is well positioned to drive for our ambitious growth plans..

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