Công Ty TNHH Best Care Shipping

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Công Ty TNHH Best Care Shipping chưa có đánh giá nào hoặc các đánh giá chưa được duyệt!

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Giới thiệu Công Ty TNHH Best Care Shipping


Best Care Shipping is one of the leading NVOCCs in the world. With prestigious overseas agency network extensive, we are able to provide swift and efficient logistics services worldwide.

Best Care Shipping is established with a 100% independent and Vietnamese owned company. We consist of experienced teams in forwarding/transportations, we are developing and improving from time to time. We build a system of special professional departments, divisions connecting with each other via a professional management system of the company. Our target is to forward the satisfaction and utilities for our partners and customers.

Best Care Shipping - by our reputation, service quality and competitiveness, in the upcoming, we will be more active in seeking for useful solutions to bring added value to customers. Simultaneously, we will build BCS brand name stronger step by step in both inside the country and over the world.

We commit to provide various transportation services with the best quality. For us, our customer’s right and benefit is our top target.

Pls don't hesitate to contact or email us today to get the call back from one of our experienced staff to consult you what the best for your choice to increase the sales contracts with your partners and increase benefit from that.

Best Care Shipping is honored to contribute a remarkable party in transport industry of Vietnam.


 - Inbound/Outbound sea & air freight services.

 - Consolidation/N.V.O.C.C.

 - Customs clearance for malities in/out.

 - Inland transportation in/out.

 - Worldwide Door to Door delivery.

 - Customs House Broker.

 - Storage, warehousing and distribution.

 - Household and industrial goods packing and crating.

 - Breabulk heavy lift and oversized cargo.