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Giới thiệu Công ty TNHH Media Tenor Việt Nam

Media Tenor was founded in 1993 as the first media research institute to focus on continuous 100 percent media analysis. Thanks to this unique approach the institute expanded internationally serving blue chip companies, NGOs, governments, the media and elite universities. Acting as a strategic partner, Media Tenor helps organizations leverage the media. Through partnership with Media Tenor, organizations are better able to tailor messages to reach target audiences, eliminating much of the guesswork this process often entails.

Media Tenor's research team statistically evaluates media data that is unique to Media Tenor in order to determine what reality is reflected (Agenda Setting) in the media and what reality is not selected or reflected in the media (Agenda Cutting). Researchers compare these results with external statistics (poll results, consumer behavior reports, various indexes including the business consumer index, consumer confidence index, share prices, tourist statistics, etc.) and further research the media's effects on public perception and behavior.

Our studies and client reports are not standardized statistical evaluations of media outcomes, but each researcher instead handles specific cases with individual approaches and deploys multiple comparative analyses and models in order to provide strategic media intelligence and research.