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MEGA D&C was establish in 2015 with a young, well-trained, skilled, dedicated, creative, experienced Engineers which has always been highly regarded by our customers and partners. MEGA D&C, with its extensive Engineer’s experience, its one of the most reputable company specializing in the following fields: Design & Construction work of Industry Plant, Civil, Architecture Keep Construction Work Quality and Period Project Management. With the motto “Customers and Partners Satisfaction is the Measurement of MEGA Brand value Development”. We pledge our best efforts to always be your project in which we are construction. It will be our pleasure to welcome and work with you.


MEGA D&C vision is create a solid reputation in the Design and Construction market of Industrial Plant, Civil & Architecture along with a professional, reliable team to meet customers needs.


To provide for our customers with professional and reliable Construction of Industrial Plant, Civil & Architecture, Design. To establish a professional, efficient and united working environment to create profit and provide our staff with stable income.


• Responsibility: Is our Business Motto

• Commitment: We are dedicated and committed to satisfying our customer needs

• Quality: Has always been our utmost concern while providing the customers with our services

• Social Accountability: Together with others create and protect a peaceful and prosperous society