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Giới thiệu Công ty TNHH Thanks Ai Việt Nam

Welcome to THANKS AI Activities

The driving force behind THANKS AI Activities, the core of our company, is “KOKOROZASHI”, or “aspiration”. My personal kokorozashi is supported by the kokorozashi of our members across the country.

Here, kokorozashi refers not to short-sighted aspirations, but thinking about the future of Japan and the world and doing our best to play our role as a company, even though we know that we cannot see the future.

First of all, I hope you will experience the wonderful world of plant-based minerals.

Then I hope that you will build stable lives through the proliferation of these minerals, come into contact with the greatness of nature, and fully enjoy Ai Produce, which is full of real life force.

Then, I believe we must not only think of ourselves, but spread non-chemical fertilizer and pesticide-free technologies to the countries of Asia.

Continuing to send money and goods may be a form of volunteering, but wouldn’t the best kind of volunteering be to give the people of Asia the gift of the knowledge to grow food through their own efforts?

But first, won’t you work to change Japan with us?

Then, let us change the world together through these activities.

THANKS AI Activities have such a grand kokorozashi, but I hope you will share our aspirations and work with us.