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Trade name: KMG Co.,Ltd

Khai Minh Global is a logistics integrated service supplier in Vietnam, specially is one of the biggest consolidation agency in Northern Vietnam (NVOCC).

Registered in late 2008 and started business on Jan 19th 2009; Khai Minh based its headquarter in Hanoi.

On establishing, KMG desired to become the biggest sea-freight consolidator in Vietnam. After 7 years developing, KMG has opened more than 40 weekly direct consolidating services from Vietnam to all over the world and vice versa, equivalent to over 200 TEU export/import every week. We are very proud of cooperating with many prestigious forwarding systems in the world.

KMG thirsts for bringing customers the full service from factory to the port of dispatch. We have also built a team of more than 100 staffs specialized in logistics with more than 60 trucks as well as container trucks provided for trucking service, inland customs service and other inland services.

Moreover, Airfreight is also one of our prides as becoming a member of global AOG system. 2015 already ticks our history to be the most excellent member of all in the whole system. We also own the DG handling certification.

Last but not least, the buyer consolidation has developed powerfully and professionally with the warehouse system of more than 50.000m2, which can hold the capacity of above 50.000m3 each month.

Started with 9 members, after 13 years, we are now running with more than 500 staff from North to South with 4 official offices:

1/ Hanoi - Head office: 10th Song Hong Land, building, 165 Thai Ha, Dong Ha, Ha Noi. 

2/ Hai phong - Representative office: 268 Dinh Vu Street, Dong Hai ward, Hai An, Hai Phong. 

3/ Ho Chi Minh – branch office: 03 FlrSovilaco, 01 Pho QuangStr,TanBinhDist, Ho Chi Minh City.

4/ Đà Nẵng – branch office: 2nd Floor, IDC Building, Lot 12B Nguyen Van Linh Str., Danang City. 

It\'s our pleasure to cooperate with you as the kind partner, value customer or our colleague.

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