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United Asia Company Limited

2nd Floor, Coalimex Building, No. 33 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

United Asia Co Ltd is an international loss adjusting firm, which was founded by regional and local experienced loss adjusters in 2008. The company provides services of risk management, engineering pre-risk survey, loss adjusting and claim handling for local and regional insurance companies, brokers and reinsurance companies. Our business mainly focuses on the areas of fire/property Insurance, engineering insurance (including machinery breakdown, contractors’ all risks, erection all risks, contractors’ plant and machinery etc.), liability and casualty insurance, business interruption insurance, marine cargo and hull insurance.

As one of the reputable loss adjusting firms servicing in Vietnam and international markets, we commit to providing customers with the highest quality claim services. We maintain and enhance our position in the market by building up a team of adjusters with high levels of technical competency and efficiency. Over the years, we have built up an associated network of international adjusting companies in various regional countries, who are able to assist our customers in handling claims overseas.

As the matter of fact, we maintain and enhance our position by demanding the highest levels of technical competence and efficiency from our staff so in this working enviroment, you can achieve a wealth of knowledges in both law, insurance, finance, audit, negotiation skill, etc..