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Giới thiệu Công ty TNHH Vận chuyển Quốc Tế Sao Biển

When the company has grown to become the SAO BIEN Logistics Co., Ltd. We are now, we had definite goals in mind.

We saw that global representation was important. Since then, we worked hard at building a world-wide network of agents and overseas offices in order to be able to offer efficient, reliable and geographically diverse freight forwarding services to clients. Linking the world together by our extensive international network, we commit to offer a full spectrum of comprehensive and flexible freight forwarding services to our clients around the world. 

We knew also that it was of paramount importance to work with experienced, expertise and committed staff to ensure that our clients enjoy efficient and high quality service that comes from dealing with professionals. To us, employees are our valuable properties. 

Also, moving ahead of the times and keeping close to the market, we are well positioned to identify and capitalize every opportunity of the emerging trends. Stepping into the 21st century, the world has entered into a stage of computerization. SAO BIEN Logistics Co., Ltd, following this trend, has its own computerized email system and information technology to cope with this so that better and innovative services are provided. 

All in all, our goals add up to one thing: Service. As we offered better service, our business grew. As the company grew, we continued to invest, upgrade and expand our freight forwarding services through the established enormous and integrated service network, more efficient systems and training our staffs 

Thanks to this philosophy, SAO BIEN Logistics Co., Ltd now spans the globe. As we continue to grow, our ultimate aim will always be to offer our clients the best in assistance, service and assurance, for it is our belief that service is the true secret of success 

Best Regards, 

Mr. Nick 

Managing Director