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Cultural Images By FOCI chưa có đánh giá nào hoặc các đánh giá chưa được duyệt!

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Giới thiệu Cultural Images By FOCI

Cultural Images is a new start-up project of FOCI with head quarter based in US; branch office in Singapore. Our first and foremost talent team in Vietnam aim to build strong foundation for future. Our mission aims to promote Vietnam culture across the country and expand to other regions in the world.

Together with our business development, we place corporate social responsibility at the bottom of our heart. Being an official partner of “Operation Smile Vietnam”, an international medical organization helping children who in difficult family circumstance born with cleft lip and palate is our great honour. In every single product Cultural Images by FOCI, we donate 10.000 VND to support the children of Operation Smile Vietnam. 

Our business development project includes three main phases: the 1 st one rolls out in Vietnam, the 2 nd in South East Asia, last but not least in US & France. We are currently seeking highly-motivated and talented individuals who share the same vision & mission with us: