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Giới thiệu Fushan Technology Viet Nam

Fushan Technology Vietnam is proud to be one of the most beautiful factories in Vietnam belonging to Foxconn Group - the largest and fastest growing multinational company in the field of manufacturing services for Consumer-Electronics, Computer, Communication industry.

Fushan Technology Vietnam has had some changes since establishment as follows: established in 2011 under the name of Nokia Vietnam, integrated into Microsoft Mobile in 2014, and since Dec.2016 the factory has integrated into Foxconn Group with the name "Fushan Technology Vietnam". Besides core business is producing feature & smart phones & delivering them to global distributors, we are strengthening capability to manufacture other electronics product portfolios.

Although there were some changes on company’s ownership & product portfolios, some important things unchanged are our commitments to improve the lives of every people and to enable every organizations around the world to achieve their best by developing Fushan as a trusted business partner providing world-class manufacturing services.

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