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Giới thiệu GEEK Up

We're disruptive thinkers and doers who want to build the product that matters. That's why we strive to turn your ideas into tangible products with less effort and time by incorporating the right methodology.

We are dedicated to building software product that helps you win heart, mind, and market.

Starting with strong collaboration to deeply understand your vision, we help you to validate value proposition through user research and competitor analysis. That's how we create a user-centered product that people want.  

To craft into reality, we apply Agile development to deliver value from early stage through Minimum Viable Product which meets your requirement of timeline and budget.

Our work delivers a scalable and high-quality software that is user-friendly and looks stunning. We are dedicated to building the software product that helps you win heart, mind, and market.  

In the more than 3 years, we satisfy 50+ businesses through 170+ successful products. We're always looking forward to the next collaboration to build a successful product with you. To learn more about GEEK Up's software, visit us at