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- A Japanese company invested by Nihon Genki Investment.Co,.Ltd in Japan, was established in April 2018 and located in District 4, near Saigon Centre.

- We have about 20 members now. To expand our business in Vietnam, we are looking for developers major in Java, NodeJS, React, Golang… with skills and experience to develop our projects.

- We believe this is a great opportunity for you to improve your skills and know- how, as well as being a part of a growing team to create a unique product that would make a dramatic impact on the company's growth.

- We tend to apply advance technologies in our projects. 

For example : 

* Programing language : Go, Javascript, Typescript, Java ,swift, dart, python

- Frame work : Vue.js, React.js, Spring boot + thymeleaf, Gorilla, Go-chi,

flutter, React native

- Cloud (AWS) : ELB, EC2, ECS, ECR, Lambda, Cognito, S3,

Cloud front, Cloud watch, Cloud formation,

IoT core, SQS, SNS , SES, Kinesis, RedShift,

Dynamo DB, RDS, Code Build ...

- Cloud (GCP) : Computing Engine, Cloud Storage, GKE, HealthCare,

Cloud Functions, App Engine, Firebase, Cloud SQL,

HealthCare ...

- Architecture : Server client, SPA, Serverless, Micro Service, IoT, ...

- Other tools : Git, Github, docker, kubernetes,circle CI, Figma

❖ Other techniques:

- Programing language: Solidity

- Frame work : Play, openzeppeline (Solidity)

- Other tools : Maven, Docker, Truffle(Solidity)- Infrastructure / S/W

AWS, Linux, Tomcat/Jetty/GlassFish, nginx,

Block chain (Ethereum, raiden network, Bitcoin, Lightning Network,

Counterparty, Hyperledger Fabric, …


Backend Developer

Hồ Chí Minh
Toàn thời gian

Backend Developer

Hồ Chí Minh
Toàn thời gian