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Promanning meets the needs of employers in domestic and international companies in the fields of oil and gas, manufacture, trade, construction, IT, ect.

1. Vision: Promanning's commitment is to help recruiters find the best employee in the shortest time possible and with the most suitable budget. 

2. Mission: Promanning is the close connection between recruiters and candidates, opening opportunities for all parties. 

3. Core values: Promanning gathers a wide range of experience professionals in HR consulting in order to provide the best service to recruiters. 

4. RECRUITMENT SERVICES: The whole recruitment process takes approximately twenty one (21) working days, comprising of the following activities:  

Screening/Evaluation: Using your specifications as our guide, our CIC will evaluate the candidates through resume analysis and personal interviews. We can also make the candidates undergo certain skills/trade test, if you so require.  

Shortlisting: We shall submit to you the two to three best available candidates, who not only meet your specifications, but who are also amenable to the compensation packages you are prepared to offer.  

Facilitation client interviews: After we have submitted our shortlist of candidates, we will closely coordinate interview schedule/s with our candidates.