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Giới thiệu IGS Asia

Institution for a Global Society (IGS, https://www.i-globalsociety.com/en) is an HR Tech and Ed Tech Japanese startup company based in Tokyo, Japan. We are backed by four principal investors: University of Tokyo Edge Capital, Tokyo University of Science Investment Management, Keio Innovation Initiative and Miyako Capital. Its Vietnamese branch office, located in HCMC, Vietnam, has been operating since August 2016.

IGS has developed a new generation HR solution that provides real-time 360 feedback evaluation to clients using a patented, in-house personality assessment and skills assessment platform. We offer state-of-the-art, data-driven, artificial intelligence-based HR solutions to some of the largest Japanese multinational corporations, medium-sized companies and small businesses in Vietnam and Japan. Our solutions range from in-house assessment for organizational development and consulting activities to screening tools for mass-recruitment and strategic personnel management.

IGS Asia is currently developing its sales activities in Vietnam, and we are looking for a highly-motivated, versatile and growth-oriented Vietnamese national to develop and build-up our clients portfolio in Vietnam.