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Giới thiệu Khách sạn One Opera

One Opera Danang Hotel- the very first and one of the 5-star hotels in Danang city- is strategically located in the heart of this vibrant city. This 23-storey hotel is currently one of the tallest hotels in Danang, gives guest beautiful city or Han river view.

One Opera Danang Hotel has situated 1.5 km from Da Nang International Airport and just 04 km far from the beach. One Opera Danang Hotel features 201 fully-equipped and finished rooms with state-of-art in-room facilities and décor. The hotel also offers various services at a 5-star standard which are suitable for business and relaxing trip, such as Pool, Club, Karaoke, Kid club, Spa, Beauty Centre...

The best thing that One Opera Danang hotel impresses to guest experience is the spacious and comfortable resting area. All room types are fully furnished with elegant furniture, twin or king-sized bed, polished timber floor, walk-in closet and spacious marble bathroom including luxurious showering cabinet and bathtub in an area from 45sqm up to 215sqm. Each room is also equipped with spacious glass window enabling you to enjoy the perfect city view.

This 5-star city hotel has 5 main types of rooms also offer various choices of enjoyment for the guests including Superior, Deluxe, Premier Deluxe, Executive Suite and President Suite.