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In our everyday lives, security matters greatly where storage is concerned. Having suitable lockers at an appropriate location ensures the protection of one’s belongings and offers a peace of mind. Not only does it bring conveniences, the locker culture cultivates a sense of responsibility in everyone to take care of our belongings.

Established in 1990, Locker & Lock is the leading manufacturer and distributor for a comprehensive range of locker storage systems. Our continuous effort to improve our products and services enable us to build strong relationships with our clients today.

With over thousands of lockers being distributed over Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world, Locker & Lock is well known and is respected for its durability and superior quality. You will find these lockers in places such as educational institutions, industrial estates, hospitals, offices, recreational venues as well as entertainment hubs.

At Locker & Lock, we pride ourselves in offering and delivering wholisitic concept to our clients – A comprehensive range of lockers, locks, electronic and parcel lockers.

For more information, pls. contact: Ms. Thao Tran

Tel.: 0932150389