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Giới thiệu Logix Technology

We have more than 20 professionals: Seniors Developers, PM’s, Lead Developers, QA Engineers and Technical Architects in our permanent Staff

Working on both client-side as server-side on technologies: Microsoft .NET, MS Platform BI, Java, AWS, ASP, c#, VB, node.js, Sharepoint, PHP, Ruby On Rails, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, AngularJS, React Native, Android, iOS, PowerBuilder, and all the tools that make up these platforms environment , Web Services (SOA), Ajax and more, as well as clients' proprietary frameworks.

We have more than 12 years working in the Software Development area and of know-how in the IT and Business sectors developing and implementing innovation systems, some of which are products of our own or software for the development of these sectors.

Throughout these years we have acquired the necessary experience to guarantee our clients the success of our management projects implementation, deployment, and integration.

Currently working on projects in the Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Korea as well.

If you are interested in please feel free to join with us.