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Giới thiệu May Sunshine Co. Ltd.

Established since 2010, May Sunshine is one of the leading firms with strong experience in Software Outsourcing and Optimization Consulting.

At May Sunshine, we have seen our people as our most valued resource. We attach particular importance to attracting and retaining dedicated people because we believe that when you love your job, the clients get the best results. Thus, we constantly encourage a working environment where initiatives and new ideas are motivated, people take responsibility and help each other as well as they can, people can learn and get forward together. People also feel like a second home when everyone can sit down for lunch to enjoy the foods. Those are the reasons why our people have been with us for couple of years and more.

We are looking for people who think ahead - for our clients and for our company, who able to do more than just accept a specification, think of potential problems and solve them before they occur, care about how users behave and make better tools than what a simple specification says. Do you have a clear vision of where you see your career and want to make a difference? If you think you have the skills and ambition to join our dynamic team, we would love to hear from you.

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Tester (Software QA/ QC)

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