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Giới thiệu Scalable Press

Scalable Press ( is the technology leader in the custom printing industry in the US. In addition to our technology infrastructure, we own and operate our own 4 production facilities in the US. We currently have facilities in Indiana, Pennsylvania and California and Texas. Our team comprises over 300 employees nationwide.

Scalable Press is expanding its operations in Vietnam, and we are looking for energetic and motivated people who are inspired by the prospect of working for a rapidly growing technology start-up. Take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of our Vietnam team today.

We are proud to build a diverse team.

Scalable Press is committed to achieving a diverse workforce through application of its equal opportunity and nondiscrimination policy in all aspects of employment including recruitment, hiring, promotions, transfers, wage and salary administration, benefits, and training. Your gender, your beliefs, your orientation, your ethnicity, your culture, or your big-shot uncle don’t make a difference here. Scalable Press is a meritocracy. If you’re smart, hungry, and good at what you do, we want you here.