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Giới thiệu Solis Lab

SOLIS LAB consists of all-rounded technicians who are experts in Design, Software Engineering. Our greatest strength is the ability to build user-centric software solutions using AGILE software development methods. Working with SOLIS LAB, our clients can focus on what they do best while we keep innovating on the engineering front.

  • SOLIS LAB is a company built by engineers for engineers. You're not working for us; you're working with us.
  • We aim to make this not only a professional work place, but also a study lab and a playground, where engineer talents, self-initiative, creativity and new ideas are nurtured.
  • We offer competitive salary and bonuses. Promotions are offered based on performance reviews which are conducted twice a year.
  • World class working environment with latest equipment. Great buiders need great tools, period.
  • Great benefits.