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More than expected!

• Splus-Software is established in 2015 by experts that have more than 12 years of experience in providing software services from top IT companies in Vietnam. After 6 years, we have built a strong technical and management team that can handle large and complex projects.

Our members were selected from top Universities in Vietnam and overseas.

Now, we are looking for many positions such as Java, PHP Developer, BrSE, Software Tester, Communicator… Let's join us to help Splus-Software write the name in the world software outsourcing industry!


  • With a dynamic environment, we organize all employees of the company to travel annually to regain energy after stressful working days. This is also an opportunity for all SPLUS-SOFTWARE employees to have joint activities together to increase cohesion and improve team spirit.
  • Regular medical check-ups: For the purpose of health care, early detection of health risks, SPLUS organizes annual health check-ups for all employees. 
  • Training & Development: One of the top priorities that SPLUS considers important in team building and human resource development is internal training. Every week, the company opens training courses on foreign languages, training in new technologies, soft skills, and management.
  • Member's Birthday: Once a month, SPLUS organizes birthdays for employees who have birthdays in that month. This is also an opportunity for employees in the company to organize collective activities to increase cohesion. 
  • Sports activities: SPLUS football club holds a match every Monday night.

Tuyển dụng

Còn 43 ngày để ứng tuyển

Còn 15 ngày để ứng tuyển

Còn 15 ngày để ứng tuyển

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11th Floor, Hado Airport Building, No.02, Hong Ha street, ward 2, Tan Binh district, HC

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