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Giới thiệu Tridge

Our story begins in 2012 when TP Partners is born. From day 1 our vision was to connect people and opportunities from a country to another and we did so in the private equity industry. We helped Asian investors seize opportunities abroad in the energy and natural resources sector. Our private equity days taught us something important. The world is full of opportunities, but uncertainty and risks make people unwilling to take them. But it is through the power of knowledge and connections, that uncertainty no longer stops people and businesses alike from pursuing new possibilities.

In 2014 we decided to apply our core principle "connecting people and opportunities" to the business of trading. TP Partners became Tridge, a play on the words “transaction” and “bridge”. We decided to do things differently. Instead of supply, we chase demand. Instead of relying on old practices, technology powers our operations and communications.

Today, through our network of Finders, market experts with buyer connections, we identify and meet demand around the world and help businesses and people seize new opportunities and grow.