Westcoast Healthcare Company

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Giới thiệu Westcoast Healthcare Company

Westcoast Healthcare Company is 100% foreign capital company specializing in dental clinics. Westcoast International Dental Clinics in Vietnam – A passionate, highly-skilled international team of dentists which specializes in complex dental cases. We are a caring international team of dentists in Vietnam providing outstanding high quality dentistry for people coming to and living in Asia. We have been providing cosmetic and complex dental care for 10 years here in Vietnam.

Westcoast International Dental Clinic includes The Dental Center at Ly Tu Trong (District 1, HCMC), The Practice at Thao Dien ( District 2, HCMC), The Dental Clinic at West Lake (Hanoi) and Maple Healthcare Clinic (District 7).

Our dental clinics are here to provide a full range of exceptional quality for dental services like: professional cleanings, kids’ dental care, professional teeth whitening, dental implants, All ON 4 dental implant procedure, bone reconstruction orthodontics, invisible braces (invisalign), ceramic veneers, wisdom teeth removal/ wisdom tooth extraction, crowns and bridges.

How we do things is integrate a large international and local team to plan cases carefully then work together to ensure your treatment is done well. Our entire team is involved with ongoing training and education to keep up the latest advances in dentistry. Our team members are chosen for a passion for dentistry and a commitment to excellence.

Our protocols are set up to ensure a Western standard with detailed inspection at every step. For example, you may not be aware that every tooth crown we make has a mandatory three person quality control check the entire quality.

Our custom dental lab serves not only Westcoast, but has found a market to high end clinics overseas. All materials meet Health Canada and FDA requirements for your safety. We can deliver quality outcomes for those who are looking for "Teeth In a Day" or visiting the clinic for a very short time period.

We have been a part of the local Vietnam community for more than 10 years. We believe in supporting the local community through community service through our orphaned children's dental program.