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Tháng 3


Thứ sáu

Mo:sa:ic x HardWorkSoftDrink

23:00 - 6:00, 02/03/2018

112 Xuân Diệu, Hà Nội

Giá vé: 50.000-150.000đ
Giới thiệu

Indisputably one of our most exciting bookings up to date! Together withGoethe-Institut Hanoi we are delighted to welcome Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg from the vinyl only Frankfurt (DE) based label:HardWorkSoftDrink. Our guests are residents of legendary Offenbach club -Robert Johnson, with releases on "Pressure Traxx", "Raum...Musik" and "87 Records" you can expect an invigorating climate in Savage’s Red Cube on Friday the 2nd of March, as the duo are bringing a crate of unique records to perform an exclusive set in Hanoi. 

Together with Max Vaahs and Thilo Dietrich, they’re running HardWorkSoftDrink, which is a creative collective founded by twelve friends in 2012, faithfully representing the Offenbach, Frankfurt and Main area. They work on a range of cross-discipline projects with the main focus on music production. Last year their first album appeared on the label. A triple-vinyl package from Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg, called L'Albüm, the LP is an 11-track affair, and follows years of collaboration between Dekowski and Reifenberg.

The HardWorkSoftDrink sound is like nothing you've heard before, providing a balanced and danceable fusion between opposing musical elements - thought provoking and instantly groove nurturing, this is truly a sound from a place not traceable in the past present or future. 
A very rare pleasure for Hanoi to hear from quality night club mood setters of such a level. 


presale - 80k (ticket box)
50k before 11pm
100k 11pm-1am
150k after 1am 

artwork: javier marimon 

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