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Tháng 11


Thứ bảy

TEDxHanoiWomen Viewing Party: Bridges

Từ 19h30 - 22h00 ngày 04/11/2017
Trung tâm Văn hóa Pháp tại Hà Nội - L'Espace 24

24 Tràng Tiền, Hà Nội

Giá vé: 150.000đ
Giới thiệu

You’re invited to be inspired at the latest TEDx event in Hanoi. Join us on 4th November at L’Espace Hanoi for a viewing party of TEDWomen 2017, where we will be streaming one of the six sessions from the event, which takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana from 1st to 3rd November. Along with the viewing, there will be some live performances and Networking activities (More info will be released soon).
For more information about the theme and sessions for TEDWomen 2017, check out the link below: https://tedwomen2017.ted.com/
Come, stay curious and start the conversation with us!
Online tickets: https://goo.gl/1n4Hi1
This is the easiest way to buy tickets. Select how many tickets you want and click “buy”. An e-ticket will be sent to your email.
Offline tickets:
50 offline tickets will be available from 22nd October. Stay tuned!
Group tickets:
Contact us at 0968246155 to get information about our group discount.

TEDxHanoiWomen 2017 is a local, independently-organized event in Hanoi that strives to re-create the unique experience found at TED. At its core, the fundamental goal of TED and TEDxHanoi is to foster and spread great ideas. We aim to provide a platform where thinkers and doers will be inspired and seize the opportunity to inspire others.
View our TEDx event on TED.com: https://www.ted.com/tedx/events/25799

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