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VMCC Marcom Night: The Classic Future (HCM)

15:00-21:00, 13/01/2018
VMCC - Vietnam Marketing and Communications Club


Giá vé: 699,000VND - 1,499,000VND
Giới thiệu

The Classic Future
VMCC Marcom Night
January 2018, Hanoi – Saigon

The landscape of Marketing & Communications has changed dramatically in recent years with technology advancements paving the way for new kind of media. But the biological human, in fact, has not changed much for the last 50,000 years, some would even argue that the way we talk to each others has not changed much too, just the tools, the medium, the channel in between changed, from written language to the internet, social media, mass communication channel…

Nonetheless, many brands take full impact of the changes. Some brands risen to dominant power such as Apple, Uber, Amazon… other brands withered, being sent on the way to meet their final day.

How should we, as marcom professional practitioners, act and react to those changing landscape? 

Before the end of the Chicken Year (Dinh Dau), The Vietnam Marketing & Communications Club would like to invite you to join us and listen to answers from more than 300 different perspectives, from the experts, from CMOs/Marcom Managers of different industries. 300 people will gather and share their thoughts, their ideas, their vision on how “Classic” marcoms strategies/tactics can incorporate with “Modern” Future marcoms.

Programme table
- Afternoon session: 300 ticket
15:00 – 16:00 Marcom Talks. Each talk last from 5-10 minutes, covering 01 single story about customers, market, media, technology, and how things have changed and their impacts.
16:00 – 18:00 Marcom Landscape. Open discussion with our panelists who are the experts/influencers in their own fields. Together, the session will give you a better understanding of the new Marcom Landscape, not just in Vietnam but around the region and in the world.

- Evening session: 150 tickets
18:30 – 21:00 Marcom Night. Networking Party with top 150 marcoms professionals at one of the top attractive locations of the city nightly. We always make sure it will be your memorable experience as the old saying ‘everyone you meet is the ones you are supposed to meet’.

Date: Hanoi 06-Jan & Saigon 13-Jan
Location: TBC
Ticket info:
- The Landscape Tour (15:00-18:00) 699,000VND
- The Marcom Night (18:30-21:00) 1,199,000VND
- The Combo (15:00-21:00) 1,499,000VND

VMCC Certificated Member gets 50% discount.
Group of 6/Early Birds/CM friends/speaker friends get 20% discount
* Only limited number of discounted tickets are available.

For more information: http://vmcc.org.vn/su-kien/hn-vmcc-marcom-night-the-classic-future/

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