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Advesa Digital Solutions was founded in 2015 on a client-first philosophy to results-driven digital marketing.

Due to further growth of our company in Canada, In April 2019 - Advesa Digital Solutions officially operated the new business branch – Advesa Vietnam in Hanoi.

Our mission is to help clients grow their companies and nurture their brands with transformative digital marketing solutions.

We work so that you can realize your dream of taking your business to the next level in the era of E-commerce explosion.


At Advesa, we strive to create workplaces and economic opportunities that work for all of our employees.

We want to work at Advesa to be a positive, rewarding, and fulfilling experience.

We continually make improvements to promote a respectful and positive working environment for everyone.

We come from different countries in the world, united by a common goal to make our clients successful.

When one team or employee is having trouble, there is never any shortage of help to come their way. At Advesa, we do believe in each other.

At Advesa, there is never a dull day, or a dull team! Join a colourful, talented bunch of people who love their jobs with a passion.

Advesa members work hard and play hard. Our teams grow as one as they overcome challenges and have fun along the way.

Join Advesa and work together to solve real problems with innovative solutions.


OPERATIONS TEAM Our operators are the first to welcome our employees at Advesa Vietnam and the last to stay to ensure everything is going right. They also take care of everything else in the office to make sure that all staff are happy and focused on working.

TEAM DEVELOPER Our developers love to solve hard engineering problems to serve millions of users around the world.

MARKETING TEAM Our marketing team are solid content creators and creative graphic designers who tell stories by words and visualizations.

CS TEAM They serve our clients’ customers 24/7 with all of their hustler spirits. With the help of advanced technological support as well as excellent colleagues, CS is a rather enthusiastic team and an experience worth trying.


Passion: We love what we do. And we rock at it.

Innovation: Think outside the box, challenge constructively and act before others do.

Collaboration: We listen and evolve together, help and support each other for the sake of a collective goal.

Integrity: We believe in honesty, integrity, and respecting our clients.

Growth and Excellence: We aim to deliver the highest levels of service through high performance, continuous improvement and outstanding efficiency.

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152 Pho Duc Chinh, Ba dinh, Hanoi

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