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Giới thiệu CEL Consulting

CEL is a consulting, technology, and training firm specialized in Demand & Supply Management in emerging markets. For the last 15 years, we have been delivering business results to our clients all over the world, with main focus on South East Asia, South America and Africa.

We offer services related to: 

• Strategy: Route-to-Market, Supply Network Design, Demand Supply Alignment, Manufacturing Footprint Optimization, Business Strategy, Supply Chain Due Diligence

• Tactics: Demand Planning, S&OP, Supply & Production Planning, Supply Chain Big Data, Distribution Network Optimization

• Operations: Supply Chain Cost Reduction, Inventory Optimization, Service Level Boost, Supply Chain Diagnostics

We also provide state-of-the-art training and certification programs in partnerships with leading bodies of knowledge in all supply chain topics related to Planning, Sourcing, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics. 

Finally, with Innovation being at the core of our DNA, we develop IT solutions for companies and integrate latest technologies including Big Data, Machine Learning, Modeling & Simulation, BlockChain to practical applications in demand and supply chain management like Network Optimization, Replenishment, Capacity Balancing, Forecasting, Performance Monitoring, generating long lasting value beyond our engagement.  

We have a clear intention to lead the way to how Demand and Supply will match in the future. If you are interested to make a change, please reach out!