Centre for Social Organizations and Community Development (CSOD)

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Center for Social Organizations and Community Development (CSOD) is a non-governmental organization established by current regulations of the Government of Vietnam. CSOD has the legal status and operates on non-profit, voluntary and self-management basis.

Definitions and Values:

C – Commitment

S – Sustainability

O – Friendly Environmental Orientation

D – Development


CSOD’s goal is to cooperate with Vietnamese concerned agencies, foreign NGOs and especially with thousands of local NGOs in order to support these Organizations in their establishment and development as well as in the implementation of development, charitable humanitarian projects//programs on legal, non-profit, voluntary and effective basis. In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, CSOD is carrying out the following activities:

Areas of Expertise:

Capacity Building 

Propagandizing and introducing legal regulations of the Government of Vietnam related to the establishment and operation of Vietnamese associations and NGOs-through training courses and mass media-in order to help them obtain a legal status to legally run development and humanitarian projects/programs.

Legal consultation for INGOs 

Introducing to foreign NGOs – partners of Vietnamese associations and NGOs-legal regulations as well as characteristics of Vietnam cultures and customs in general and those in project areas in particular so that they can carry out projects the most effectively in cooperation with Vietnamese partners on the basis respecting laws and customs of the country.

Legal assistance for local NGOs 

Supporting Vietnamese NGOs especially those who operate in remote areas, in contacting with concerned agencies of Vietnam as well as foreign NGOs so that they can receive both legal supports from Vietnamese agencies as well as support in terms of experience and finance from foreign NGOs. As the result, they can themselves implement humanitarian and development projects/programs.

Technical support 

Cooperating with foreign NGOs in assisting Vietnamese associations and NGOs, especially in early stages of receiving, implementing, managing and developing humanitarian and development projects/programs. The support will end as soon as these organizations are capable of implementing projects/programs themselves.

NGO Network Development 

Developing a systematic link among Vietnamese associations and NGOs from central to local level to ensure the most effective cooperation and supports among themselves.

Credit & Savings 

Designing and implementing micro credit and savings projects that provide poor women with financial capital to generate income and improve their family’s economic status in order to help reduce poverty, protect environment and increase social justice.

Community Development 

Directly implementing and providing services related to the implementation of humanitarian and development projects funded by foreign NGOs in Vietnam.

Having experienced and responsible managers and a group of numerous volunteers and collaborators, it is a hope and confidence of CSOD that it can contribute to improving capacity for Vietnamese associations and NGOs, helping these organizations effectively take part in the development of a civilized, democratic and fair society.  


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