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Danamed Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company, or Danamed, is a trusted distributor in the field of medical supplies and equipment in Vietnam. Danamed’s product range is varied: from essential supplies such as medical masks, infection control apparels and bandages to high-tech solution such as vascular interventions, orthopedic treatments and clinical therapy.

In recent years, Danamed has been recognized as a trustworthy supplier of numerous private and public hospitals across the country. With an extensive customer network, large order execution capacity, and especially a team of highly qualified personnel in the field of medical, Danamed is accelerating its way to become national leading medical supplies distributor.

Standing on the shoulders of giant to see further is how Danamed works. At Danamed, we continuously search for technological innovation all over the world and match them to the context of Vietnam medical market. With such operating motto, over the years, Danamed has become a reliable partner of many well-known manufacturers worldwide such as Smith & Nephew (UK), PFM Medical (Germany), Assut Medical (Switzerland), Meril Life (India) and Maxx Medical (USA).

With headquarter is located in Hanoi, and representative’s offices are in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho, Danamed has been trying the best to enhance its professional competence, expand product portfolio and improve service quality, maximizing customer and partner satisfaction, towards the goal of an advanced and effective Vietnam healthcare system.

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