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Robot3T - Robotic Startup Company

Who we are:

Robot3T is a top robotic startup to watch in Asia. The winners of Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Awards & Startup Wheel 2017 ... We have grants from Ho Chi Minh Department of Science and Technology, National Technology Innovation Fund and others Fund for our research and development in robotic and automation products.

Our clients: Ansell, Live Group, Premo, Pepperl-Fuchs, BG Service, Thaco, DaiDung, etc.

What we do:

Robot3T designs and builds cost-effective robotics, automation products and solutions to meet small and medium-sized enterprises’ emerging needs for smart manufacturing systems. We also develop and apply these innovative solutions for the healthcare, entertainment, and training industry.

We are opening up access to Vietnamese robotics solutions, both by making them more affordable and by making them easy to operate. This is disruptive because it allows businesses that previously could not afford robotics to harness the power of the technology–a privilege formerly only available to large companies.

Join us to build a leading Robotic Vietnam company

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56/24 Đường Bùi Minh Trực, Phường 5, Quận 8, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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