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Dell Technologies Authorized  Distributor and Service Enable Partner in VietNam.

Information and Communication Infrastructure Solution Co Ltd (NT&T Co., Ltd – formally called IVN) was established in 2004 with a mission of helping enterprises and government bodies to leverage latest advances in information technology especially in data management area to build a flexible and reliable foundation for their business and operation. The foundation is supposed to address challenges often found in storage, protection, DR, process and management of exploding information which translate directly to great improvement of business results.

EMC, being one of the top 10 technology company in the world and the leader in data management solution, found our mission, leadership, management and mostly our professional staffs suitable for their business expansion into Vietnam and appointed NT&T as the sole distributor in 2005 for Vietnamese market.

With an aim to support current customers who are coping with challenges in internal and external communications, we expanded our business operation through establishment of a communication department. This is a move to bring about end to end solutions to our customers to leverage technologies in both human voices communication data and computer data to make them always available, accessible and manageable to produce business value.

As a restructure and brand name creation step to be able to provide better service to our customers, we changed the company name to NT&T. The technology foundation, leadership and expertise still remain with us and continuously improve and expand.

In 2017, Dell Technologies I Dell EMC named NT&T as his key Viet Nam distributor. NT&T will from now provide channel partners with Dell Technologies’s full range of solutions offerings, including server, storage and networking technologies, to meet the needs of their small and midsized (SMB) and enterprise customers. NT&T is awarded to be Dell EMC Best Storage Performance Distributor in 2017 and 2018, Dell Technologies APJ OEM Solutions Partner of the Year 2020 and Best Growth server + 2021.

With a 30+ strong member’s team in Hanoi and HCMC, we’re committed to bring effective and efficient solution to our customers and gain their satisfaction through successful implementation and support.

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