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ITP Education Vietnam is an international training provider that mainly operates and concentrates on student placement testing and English language training. We plan to expand these business sectors to many different local and international destinations.

ITP Education Vietnam is a private company in the Southwest of Vietnam which was operated by our talent management boards. Being innovative, flexible, and active learning and teaching methods is our core value, which improve our student’s critical thinking and problem-solving. With the slogan “Education Opportunity for All,” our company wishes to empower all socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to approach the international education system, especially English language training. Understanding the importance of using & applying English in the modern world, ITP Education Vietnam strives to bring our students to the contemporary and high-quality teaching curriculum where they can generate and innovate their creativity through classes.

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603 Nguyễn An Ninh, An Ninh Đông, Đức Hòa, Long An

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