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In recent years, Vietnam is becoming famous as a destination for expats, and it has been recognized as a safe place for foreigners to live and work. They bring a modern lifestyle, economic and cultural values ​​that contribute to the overall development of society. So far, more than 250,000 expats live in Ho Chi Minh city – Saigon and 100,000 live in Hanoi. With that rapid development, they have been facing a lot of challenges and setbacks when it comes to finding rental spaces and specially dealing with the right agents. Rentapartment was founded as a solution to this matter.

Since the year 2018, Rentapartment Agency has become one of the most real estate agent company to provide comprehensive renting services in Ho Chi Minh City. Our business model is to create a platform that connects the expat community to rental properties in Vietnam by sourcing insights straight from locals to give customer a deeper understanding of what living in a home and neighborhood is really like. At Rentapartment Agency you can easily to find apartment, villa, house, office for rent in Ho Chi Minh city – Saigon with resonable price and free service. We are committed to helping them discover where they will love to live and where they will feel more connected with the community and with each other. That’s why we try every day to help build a more developed expats community.

We always look ahead and understand the trends that will shape the future of the market for our customers. We advise tenants and landlords today’s expectations and tomorrow’s need for their great home. We have developed a network of partners and developers with the same vision and we act as responsible citizens by helping the real estate market develop sustainably.

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33 Trần Quang Long, phường 19, quận Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh

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