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Sunwoo Plant Engineering for your beneficial engineering partner .

Sunwoo Plant Engineering, founded in 1991, has grown from modest beginnings in Seoul, Korea to become a leader in the field of plant engineering in Korea

Once just a small Electrical and I&C engineering firm, today "Sunwoo Plant Engineering" not only has expande in the domestic market but also has emerged on the international market as a competent and relilable total engineering partner

Over the 22 years, as an engineering firm, "Sunwoo Plant Engineering" has completed more than Seven Hundreds projects in Korea and around the world.

Especially in the field of oil/Gas & Petrochemical, Power/Desalination, Iron & Steel, Offshore plants Industrial/Environment and Nuclear Power plants, as an engineering partner to Korea's major EPC contractors including Hyundai Engineering, Samsung Engineering, Daelim Industrial, Daewoo E&C, SK E&C, GS E&C, POSC E&C, STX Heavy Industries, Doosan Heavy Industries, Hyundal Heavy Industries etc., "Sunwoo Plant Engineering has expanded at a drastic pace and accumulated experience to engage in various projects throughout the world

In 2011, "Sunwoo Plant Engineering" became a total engineering firm with one-stop service, specialized in the field of Piping, Ovil& Architecture, Electric & 1/C, Process and Mechanical engineering to cope with the divers requirements of our cients.

Sunwoo Plant Engineering" is staffed with highly qualified engineers, designers and CAD/CAE experts with 30 design capability including AutoCAD, PDS, PDMS, SP3D

In summary, our goal at "Sunwoo Plant Engineering" is to provide the best service available for our clients. We are confident that our customers will benefit a lot from "Sunwoo Plant Engineering in your valued plan projects.

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