We belong to Wilmar International Limited - one of Asia’s leading agribusiness group - that was founded in 1991 and headquartered in Singapore. Wilmar has over 500 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network covering China, India, Indonesia, and some 50 other countries. The company’s operations are located in approximately 20 countries across four continents with the workforce of about 90,000 people, including Wilmar CLV (Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam). Wilmar CLV has established since 1997 and today we are not only among the largest business groups in the region with leading food, feed ingredients, bio-ingredients, and distribution but also one of the leading enterprises in corporate social responsibility. In Vietnam, Wilmar CLV has various businesses with many entities, including:

Cai Lan Oils and Fats Industries Company (CALOFIC) with well-known vegetable cooking oil brands: Neptune Gold - 10 points for Quality; Simply - For a Healthy Heart; Meizan - Delicious Food, Good Health; Kiddy - Nutrition for Predominant Smart; Cai Lan - Cai Lan Comes in Kitchen, Luck Comes in Home,...

Meizan CLV Corporation (MCC) with premium grain products which are not only good for health but also convenient for modern life, such as egg noodle, macaroni, crispy frying mix flour...

Nam Duong International Foodstuff Corporation (NDFC) with the traditional soya sauce “Con Meo Den” and another spices & sauces like chili sauce, bouillon, salad dressing...

Vietnam Flour Mill-Wilmar (VFM) & Vietnam Flour Mill-Wilmar (VFM-Wilmar) are leading wheat manufactories in Vietnam with well-known flour brands: Red Key, Blue Key, Red Compass, and Satellite SP...

Wilmar Agro Vietnam (WA) specializes in the production of defatted rice bran and rice bran oil, also is a major and trusted supplier of feed ingredients, our significant brands: Cam Vang, Kim Tru, Wilstar...

Vietnam Agribusiness Limited Company (VAL) engages in two principal business sectors: soybean crushing and oil refining plant, manufacturing animal feed materials.

Wilmar Marketing CLV is the distribution company belongs to Wilmar CLV Group.

Accompanying with our products goal “To enhance HAPPINESS and HEALTH by continuously IMPROVING VALUES to customers and consumers”, we also set up Core Values system: INTEGRITY - EXCELLENCE - PASSION - INNOVATION - TEAMWORK - SAFETY to create a healthy & worthy working environment for our employees. We respect our employees and bring up all opportunities to advance them day by day. As Wilmar CLV employees, you will be challenged with interesting tasks, be trained by devoted Managers and be happy with company cultural activities.

With the developing, professional and dynamic working environment, go along with the opportunity to learn and develop continuously, we are confident that we have enough “nutrition” for your “career tree” grow abundantly. If you are ambitious, keen to learn, and have a strong passion to lead your career in your own way; do not hesitate to join Wilmar CLV - where to “NURTURE YOUR FUTURE”.


Wilmar CLV


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