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Kim Minh Exim is one of the leading Fruits/ Vegetables Exporters and manufacturers in Vietnam

Under the stewardship of management team having much experience in international commodity trading, Kim Minh Exim have been trading in diversified portfolio of products such as Fresh Fruits, Frozen Fruits and Fruits Puree 

Since year 2009, Kim Minh Exim has been successful in making a mark in the international trade of agro commodities and has been able to carve out a niche for itself. 

Our services of timely performance, quality control and logistics management have met up to their global standards and ensured consistent relationships. 

What we offer 

* Fresh Fruits/ Vegetables 

* Frozen Fruits/vegetables 

* Fruits Puree

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15N1 Mega Ruby Khang Điền, Phú Hữu, Quận 9, TPHCM

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