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CryptoPie LABO is a branch (technical lab) of CAS Holding Group (Japan & Singapore). Cryptopie LABO is established in 2021, our goal is to research and develop product and application-related Blockchain technology. 

Our vision: Change the world using breakthrough technologies - Create products and services that never exist, are trusted and used by everyone

Our core values: 

- Achievements: Create valuable achievements for all stakeholders. 

- Growth: Always growth, more and more in each step 

- Optimism: Always keep the optimistic spirit, eagerness on the way to explore, build - and develop. 

- Support each other: Overcoming personal opinion and thinking, supporting each other to develop together to create pervasiveness and synergy 

- Essence: Find the essence and solve the problem 

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13F, Block B- Song DA Building, Pham Hung Streer, My Dinh I, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

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